About me

When I first embarked on my first major hike in the Pirongia Ranges west of Hamilton I knew that I had a passion for hiking. The feeling of being caught on the track seeking each and every new view of scenery was an amazing reward that only people willing to undertake the struggle could plunder. While it can prove difficult or slow at times, the excitement of tramping provided me with a new means of experiencing the world around me. Although I only discovered hiking while in my late teens, I’m grateful that the New Zealand that I once took for granted was now available to me with but a simple pair of boots and a pack

I am currently a student based in Hamilton, New Zealand undertaking my last semester of tertiary study in Quantity Surveying. Te Araroa has been on the list for awhile since it’s opening in 2011 and has proved to be a successful venture when viewing other trampers experiences through internet mediums. I now feel confident about undertaking the adventure myself. Taking on a thru-hike is not a small decision. You have to put your life on hold, leave behind friends and family, and head off into the unknown for 4+ months. This site will aid as a real-time travel log for my upcoming Te Araroa adventure. I’m aiming for weekly articles that will include specifics about the trails undertaken during my hike and their related history, culture, and surrounding environment that New Zealand is famous for.

If you ever feel the itch to tramp I only say don’t skimp out on your boots and always plan ahead, and perhaps you can find your own amazing scenery to experience.


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